I first stumbled across Ina Ray Hutton in 2011. when I was looking for audition song material on YouTube. A black and white video from 1936 appeared in my search, and after watching it, I watched it about 100 more times. A dazzling bandleader in a stunning gown was *killing* it on stage. Her band of 13 women were blasting away on their horns and the music was electric. Ina sang, danced, flirted, and laughed throughout the number. I couldn't take my eyes off Ina! The more I watched, the more I thought, "Why haven't I heard of this woman? Who is Ina Ray Hutton?"

And so began my obsessive research about Ina. Although she had tremendous success her career, there wasn't much information about her on the Internet. I turned to news archives, interviews with people who knew Ina and worked with her, and various websites that had bits of information about her life off stage. The more I researched her, the more interesting she became to me. Known as the "Blonde Bombshell of Rhythm", Ina was a pioneer for women in music, business, TV, and entertainment overall. In the male dominated world of jazz music in the 1930's, 40's and 50's, Ina fought for her own voice and succeeded, with numerous challenges along the way. I feel compelled to share her story. Through her music and the real life characters who helped shape her career, Journey of a Bombshell: The Ina Ray Hutton Story, is my tribute to Ina and her legacy.